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16th October 2014

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So recently I created an art stress relief  roleplaying blog.

It’s called demon-shmemon and it’s based on what would have happened if team free will stuck in the bunker, with demon!dean.

it’s mostly quick doodles, purely for stress relief that I draw when homework or life has become too much.

just wanted to let you guys know about this blog, it exists just so when things get bad I have somehting to doodle the stress away. because well drawing helps.

so if anyone wants to help, they can send asks so I have a purpose to my drawings and not sitting there stressing  trying to come up with an idea to draw.

Tagged: personali just like to drawit's a passionthough im crapi still like to contiue

16th October 2014

Question with 2 notes

Anonymous said: Speaking of abaasy. how are the OCs doin?

c-couldn’t be better-fox tail!agares

liar-the voice

shut up!-fox tail!agares

welp, aggy has been talking to himself for the past few days if that’s any indication how we are- snake tongue!abaasy

it has been a little unnerving-fox tail!seth

unnerving isn’t even the half of it, it’s down right creepy-snake tongue!abaasy

for a demon you’re kinda pathetic-Mouse whiskers!yession

shut up kid, or I’ll gut you like a science frog- snake tongue!abaasy

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16th October 2014

Question with 4 notes

Anonymous said: SO how's everyone holding up with a demon on the blog? well another demon anyway

 Me and cas have most of it handled. Cas has taken to blessing all the water he passes-Moose antlers!sam

WHAT?!- tiger eyes!dean

we wouldn’t have to if you would stop hiding the holy water.-Hedgehog quills!john

well maybe johnny boy I wanted to be free of all you spraying me in the face.-tiger eyes!dean

well maybe dean, we wouldn’t have to if you behaved less like a child- human!doctor

i don’t like old doc, can we have the puppy back?-Tiger eyes!dean

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15th October 2014

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Update on my whole getting on situation

well for the past year, maybe more, it’s been getting hard to get on. SOmetimes it’s due to family relations but most of the time it’s due to my own depression making me not want to do anyhting at all. yay mental illness

college wasn’t helping though most of this is getting fixed.

my little sister,theresa who was a major shit starter and stressor for my family has moved to Pittsburgh to live with my dad. she’s moved there because she called cps on my mom, comvinced she was abused. she’s not. at freakin all. which is funny because she moved in with someone we all know is emotionally manipulating and emotionally abusive

NOw with that stress on my family, i had to come home for a bit but because of that ,my depression and my anxiety I had missed 3 weeks of class and i wasn’t making shit up.

so I talked with my counsler and my academic advisor and we decided me going on medical leave was best. im now getting anti depressents, a therapist and my family’s support.

thank you, all of you, for still being here while I struggled through a tough time in my life. I honestly feel like most of the hardships are behind now

thank you

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30th September 2014

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i-am-mishafuckingcollins said: hey it's totally fine if you arent online, you're going through a lot. take all the time you need, dear!

thank you sweetheart, think Im going to go to bed in all honesty, got class at 8

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30th September 2014

Question with 1 note

Anonymous said: Holy shit. I'm sorry all that's happening... Have you guys tried getting your sister into a home? Like, a psych ward? It seems like the best cores of action at this point... Hope her claims prove to be as inaccurate as they are! Maybe then she'd be Cory ordered to... It'd really help her work these things out tbh. *hugs* you go finish your homework and get some rest, okay?

she was in a psych ward for a week a couple months back. that was cause she had a pyschotic break in front of us and tried to stab herself in the neck in front of all of us. that was fun too.


we’re hoping it doesn’t get so far as to go to court or the girls to go into foster care, but Erin’s now having nightmares the cps guy is going to come back and take her from the family forever.

deep sigh of stress and anger

 thank you guys for understanding.

i feel like shit because this is like another month I haven’t been on

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30th September 2014

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Anonymous said: Hey, you alright? We haven't heard from you in a while... *hugs*

not really in all honesty. the past month has been more stressful then anything I ever wanted.

My depression is flaring up, my dad is more of a dick then I actually realized and has gotten steadly worse, oh and my sister called cps on my mom because the stupid selfish bitch is convinced she’s abused, but had to lie to the social worker to convince them. Now we have two weeks to clean my house ( it was a pig sty because she’s lazy, my moms freaking spinal fluid is leaking causeing her to have the worst headaches imaginable for the past year and she only just got a doctor to belive her and my step dad cant do it all) or they’re taking my two little sisters because theresa the stupid bitch threw a temper tanrum to see if our dad would come running just to see if he loved her.


it’s uh… been a fun month overall.

sorry I havnt been on I just cant with school work and all this bullshit

12th September 2014

Question with 3 notes

Anonymous said: That anon wasn't rude that anon was trying to give you a dose of reality. This blog doesn't matter to anyone outside of the bubble that is tumblr. If you can't see that you're in more trouble than you realize. It's one thing for this blog to be a hobby but you made it a crutch and I for one won't be helping you keep it as one. So I wish you luck in real life but I've unfollowed so I don't enable you further.

I know it doesn’t matter to anyone outside this little bubble but that doesn’t invalidate my feelings on it. 

I know no one gives a shit about some stupid blog. I realize I used it as a crutch in the past but when things were falling apart around me this was my safe heaven from it.

And why would want a dose of reality on someplace I used to get away from ym reality. My reality sucks. It involes a dad who does’t give a shit about anyw=one unless thye’re dating him, a sister who no matter what you try wants to commit suicide and student debts

I created this blog as a tiny escape I could go to for an hour or more a day just to be free if only for a little while

I wish you luck in your life as well.

Tagged: personalthey were getting rudeit was to the point that thye used to sufggest deletingnow its i have toi dont need that negativity in my lifeso please stopAnonymous

10th September 2014

Question with 2 notes

Anonymous said: Excuse you rude Anon this blog matters very much. It has helped me discover a passion (writing of course) and if I'm not mistaken helped our dear mod through some difficult times. While I should not be 'feeding the troll' I simply will not allow you to be so rude to someone you do not even know

thank you!

 im glad i could help you in some way but seriously you just can’t up and destroy something thats been in your life for some of the hardest years of your life.

 seriously though thank you anon

Tagged: good anonpersonaljust like it was okay the first two timesbut after i said i was stayinbg shouldhave been itdonebut nolets continueand im trying not to be mine to thembut seriouslyAnonymous

10th September 2014

Question with 4 notes

Anonymous said: It's time for some hard truths. This blog doesn't matter. It isn't going to get you a job or go on your resume or help you do well in school. It's time for you to focus on what really matters and it isn't this. If you want to hand it off hand it off, give it to one of your sisters if you want and then revoke your own access. If you want to end it with a story, write it now and be done with it. The longer you spend not ending things here the worse it's going to be for you in the long run.

 It maters to me.

Does everything you do pertain to the career you want or your academics?

 This is honestly the only thing in my life that hasn’t changed in the past month and no offense but ive decided to fucking keep it.

I understand that you’re trying to help but at this point you are getting a little pushy. In the beginning you were trying to help but now it just seems that you want me to leave.

I’m not leaving any time soon, me and my followers have agreed ill just get on when I can. I can juggle this and my school  life just fine

Tagged: tad says hiim keeping hiherthe blogwhateverit will stay inb my possession for nowand getting new mods makes no sensei have like one question in my inboxto answeronesonebut wever