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21st April 2014

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I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything last night now I worried all you guys. I’m sorry

20th April 2014

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Oh God oh god I’m freaking out right now. I’m crying and I don’t know what to do. I realized all week I’ve been thinking about killing myself I haven’t thought like this for over a year and I don’t want to go back to that.
Why am ii such a disappointment

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20th April 2014

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This is what happens when your mom asks you to work and your friend asks to do a group god teir cosplay.

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20th April 2014

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Sorry guys I meant to do more today but we started coloring eggs ( I made a John eggbert and a danny phantegg) then we had to put together baskets for Erin and faith and hide all the eggs and I just got distracted and forgot about the half finished asks I started writing
I drew pictures and just flubbed up in general

Tagged: personaleggs manThey are hella distractingI had to audio find clothes for tomorrowAll the while my stepdad trying to convince me to let his dick mom come to my graduation partyspoiler alert she's not

19th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: Because we all care about what Agares, the true romantic, has to say. I thought it was sweet. You may find yourself glad you said that tonight - Abaasy!AOR

hey almost everyone on this blog has flirted with me at least once. Dean before you say a word, you gave me your cassy eyes one day. It was awkward and uncomfortable for everyone around. keep the angel kink to yourself.-MT!agares

wh-I. no.-Cas!Dean

you do seem to have a preference towards angelic beings,dean-Dean!Cas

whose side are you on?!-Cas!Dean

if my gift is you get me away from these idiots for one night , I will be eternally grateful-AOR!abaasy

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17th April 2014


Anonymous asked: Wh- what? Why would I turn into Aggy? Heh, ahh, what makes you think of that? -MT

well we just assumed ya both were each others true love. Copy cats 5ever and all the business-Mod

I hate you so much sometimes-MT!Agares

you’re just mad you can’t torture me with mogares anymore. -Mod

at least im not alone like someone we all know-MT!agares


children enough! agares sit in the corner and think about what you just said, mod, go sit in the other room. Sam has tissues and scoldings for prodding the angel.-rose!Doctor

yes, doctor.-Mod, MT!agares

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17th April 2014

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lifeisablackhole9 asked: *shakes head* this place is always so confusing... Are non-anons aloud to do magic anon stuffs? Cause, it looks like you guys could use a trusted face. *puts hands on Dean!Cas and Cas!Deans shoulders*


well depends on the person, but most non-anons like to follow anon rules.

they could even send M!As if they rally wanted too.

but yea, non-anons are generally treated to the same rules as anons just more open about their being.

might start a non-anon page…..-Mod

is all you do is rant? Jesus.  yea we need at least somehting stable in this damn blog.-Cas!dean

maybe I can add links to the people’s blogs as well!


shit that means I’m going to actually put a lot effort into this,

what have I gotten myself into.

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17th April 2014

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lifeisablackhole9 asked: If I'm supposed to look like my true love, how come I still look like me? I don't even like me... Was I meant to be alone? :c

you might not have meet them yet-jessica!Sam

is that how it works?-Cas!dean

it would have to. Before I met john I would have turned into science and mysteries.-JOhn!SH

….. that’s weird-Rose!Doctor

really weird-Tentoo!rose

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17th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: M!A: Balthy's here for 3 days to wreck havoc. Enjoy! ~
















hello my wondrous friends-Balthy

oh great.-Cas!dean

cheer up cassy. I’ll promise not to try to get you drunk again-Balthy.

No brother, that is dean. We all have to switch bodies with… with our true love.-Dean!Cas

 oh. called it!-Balthy

wait, why aren’t you anything?-Jessica!Sam

assuming the extremely hot girl is sam, because dear samantha, I love myself. No one else for me.-Balthy


My only aim in life.  How about you and me go for a little walk and see if we’ll switch bodies~.-Balthy

Balthazar. Leave the follower alone.-Dean!Cas

hush you. you can go diddly do the hunter. I have to look for someone. -Balthy


"diddly do"?-dean!cas

that’d actually be interesting. You’d be fucking yourself. would that be masturbation or just sex?-Balthy

Excuse me.

*leaves the room*


So is that a yes?-Balthy

Uh, sure. *thumbs up*

Wonderful! *smiles and lips his arm around their’s* I hear Paris is nice this time of year. *wooshes out with T&S*-balthy


Did he just kidnap one of our followers? -rose!doctor.

Looks like. -cas!dean

Ha ha ha! I love Paris!

(P.S. Mod, you are awesome! Everyone is!)

ah! If you don’t stop complimenting me i won’t be able to get anything done! I’ll just be sitting here smiling and blushing-Mod

great! The last time I came here I had a menage a…. what’s the french word for 12?-Balthy

Ah… I think it’s douze. Still, sounds interesting!

By the way, this is really cool! -T&S

well of course it is~. hmm. Cassy seems to have his panties in a bunch again. Hes calling me over the angel radio. Something about stop poisoning the followers with… me. Rude!-Balthy

is he getting the message?-Cas!dean

he seems to have… he blocked us.-Dean!Cas

grade a douche move balthazar!-Cas!dean

Aw, you’re not poison. No one is!

Castiel should really stop worrying and- Oh! Eiffel Tower!  -T&S (an architecture student who always wanted to go to Paris)

yea it’s beautiful*not looking at the tower at all*-Balthazar

knowing balthazar, we lost T&S.-Dean!Cas

damn that sexy man-Rose!Doctor

Yeah… *looks to side, sees Balthazar staring back* Oh…! *smiles, blushes, scoots even closer* -T&S

*winces and holds head* Ah, cassy is telling me to get back before I have to leave  the blog and accidentally leave you in Paris. But you know what, fuck him. Well dean is, but you get what I mean. NOw then, I heard there is a cute cafe down the road from here. care to join me?*holds out arm for T&S to take while leaning closer to them too.*-Balthy

Happily! *takes arm* (And I honestly wouldn’t mind getting stuck in Paris. This is fantastic!) -T&S

 okay cas, you have enough juice to get to paris and shit when balth accidentally leaves?-Cas!Dean

I should being metatron is keeping me energized so I play his villain-Dean!Cas

douche is doing wh-… you know what whatever we’re going to kick his ass anyway.-Cas!Dean

oh fuck. uh, un momento, love.*Flashes out then pops back* damn money issues. You humans, was much easier when you all accepted goats and chickens. *STrats walking away from the tower with T&S in tow*-Balthy

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17th April 2014

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sherlock-get-in-the-tardis asked: Hey, Balthy, assuming you're back from Paris, what color are your wings?

my wings? Imagine all the possible colors , like every last tiny bit of them.  that color.-Balthy


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