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19th August 2014

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Anonymous said: Honestly I think it's time to wrap up the story and move on with your real life. You're off to college in the fall, you need to focus on that and yourself, not this blog. I think that's part of the reason why you aren't getting as many asks as you used to, your followers have realized it's time for your focus to be elsewhere and so they're becoming less active to help you realize where your priorities should be from here on out.


I guess you’re right.

But at the same time, this has been a huge part of my life for the past two years and I don’t think I could up something that important to me.

I know I need to focus on school and everything but i’ve been able to do that before, and the only reason my grades dropped was personal issues.

I don’t want to give all this up

i’d feel empty without it.

but the last few months have been mostly me saying sorry for not getting on and you guys deserve better.

a lot better.

I don’t know.

Ill have to really think about it.

letting this go is too much of descision to make in one night.

19th August 2014

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 You guys want to read this very lovely destiel fic I wrote?


The fallen angel turned slowly as he heard the voice, the one voice he never thought he’d hear again. The one he would do anything for.

Read More

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19th August 2014

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Anonymous said: *peeks out from behind Cas* *looks over at Cecil and Carlos* H-hi... You t-two seem n-new... W-when d-did you g-get here...? -Social Anxiety anon

we are, new that is.-Carlos

well I came here as soon as the one hooded figure grabbed my hand, you know the one with the beat head phones and ipod floating next to him that electrocutes anyone that implies we’re not alone in the universe.-Cecil

oh! he’s nice. and his music choice is very interesting.-Carlos

and we’re the weird ones-Moose antlers!Sam

sam. You have moose antlers. I have hedgehog quills and doctor now only has one heart.-Hedgehog quills!john

not to mention your brother was once a pineapple-One heart!doctor

…..fine-Moose antlers!sam

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19th August 2014

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Anonymous said: If it would help ease things up/make things more comfortable for you, go for it! uwu You deserve the opportunity to take some weight off your shoulders. *hugs*

Ah thank you sweetheart!

19th August 2014


True, a new mod would be super helpful in that aspect. 
 Also angel I don’t have someone yet probably going to hold try it’s or something.  Was merely an idea had
Though I audio realized I’m super selfish when it comes to the blog so if be the worst co mod ever

True, a new mod would be super helpful in that aspect.
Also angel I don’t have someone yet probably going to hold try it’s or something. Was merely an idea had
Though I audio realized I’m super selfish when it comes to the blog so if be the worst co mod ever

19th August 2014

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I need your guys opinions

If I got a new mod would you all be alright with that?
Just it might be easier if we had a mid during the day as well as night.
But the other side is I don’t get enough messages for another mod to take, there’s barely enough for me.
The lack of questions is very much my fault because if I didn’t leave for a month you all would probably feel more inclined to ask things.

Ah well just wondering what you all think.

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19th August 2014

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Ferguson Masterpost


a masterpost of everything i could find on the situation. if there’s anything important i missed, please message me and i’ll add it.
(click my url to see updated links & stuff)

What’s going on in Ferguson:
basics by clehmentine
with respect to the brown family
livestream of ferguson
live twitter feed of ferguson
officer who shot mike brown

What the police are doing:
rubber bullet attacks
jamming phone signals?
told off someone asking for help
removed their badges and id tags
false accusations
slurs and threats
more slurs/insults over phone
tear gas violence

How you can help:
petition to protect against police brutality/misconduct
food/meal drive for ferguson
what you can do to help post
find contact info for your local reps
help pay for legal fees
protest/fundraiser info
help ferguson links
michael brown memorial fund

twitter posts of riots
paralells, then and now
video of tear gas violence
video proof police attacked peaceful protesters

tips against police brutality/tear gas
st. louis county police to be REMOVED from ferguson!
barack obama’s statements
opferguson is a trap website, be warned
by-the-numbers look at ferguson

Tagged: fergusonshit needs to spreadso spreAD ITIM DONE BEING PASSIVE ON THE RP BLOGthis shit is ridicoulous

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18th August 2014

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Anonymous said: *hides behind Cas completely* I-I thought you said h-he left...! *points at Dean* -Social Anxiety anon

making dean do something is like trying to burn water-Hedgehog quills!john

physically impossible-Tiger eyes!dean

dean.-Cat ears!Cas

what, my angel?-Tiger eyes!Dean

leave-Cat ears!Cas

hmmm, nope-Tiger eyes!dean

*Sighs* I got it. *Drags dean into the basement*-one heart!doctor

ooo, getting inky eh doctor?-Tiger eyes!dean

nope.* Locks the anti-demon handcuffs on him* stay.-One heart!doctor

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18th August 2014

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Darren Wilson, the officer who murdered Mike Brown, has raised over $11,000 from supporters in less than a day.


This is unacceptable.

If you can, consider donating to help ensure that the children of Ferguson are kept fed or by donating to Mike Brown’s family for legal fees/funeral costs/etc.

Tagged: i know it's not usual for me to reblog political shitbut this shit is bullshit mablack list fergusonif you have an issueferguson

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18th August 2014

Question with 2 notes

fallen-angel-in-serenity said: I'm gone from Tumblr for one week and suddenly Cas has cat ears, the Doc has one heart, Sherlock has an otter tail, and the WTNV guys are here? Wow! (Everyone looks freaking adorable, by the way). -T&S

damn straight we look adorable-tiger eyes!dean

the joys of magic anons-One heart!doctor

good to have you back TS-mod


you’re very happy today, cecil. more then usual-Carlos

well i have my hot boyfriend with me, earl Harlen is alive and  the hooded figures are only plaguing my dreams 3 times a week now.-Cecil

looks like things are turning up for us-carlos

Tagged: wtnvsuperwhofallen-angel-in-serenitycarloscecilcecilossupernaturaldoctor hwodemon! deananimal parts!ganguh ohthats the phrase where things get fucked uppoor guyshehe