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27th October 2012


Anonymous said: Well.., okay. *looks at Mod Mason* Hi! Who are you? I'm Alice. Oh... You're... Oh! So you're a human? I'm part human! *ruffles blue feathers* This color is the result of an angel-human hybrid... So technically Agares is my half brother. you see, I had to choose an angel life or a human life. I tried to live both, but... well, my real dad turned mean.*traces scar along shoulder aimlessly* So I went back with Agares and Casty. And.. *tears up and smiles* I'm so glad I found you!~Angel!Alice

Well, actually a ghost, but that’s a different matter entirely. Hai.*pets feathers.* Oh honey…*hugs her*-Mod mason

heh, casty… haven’t called him that in the longest time.-Agares

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